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Jeromo de la Monto

Jeromo de la Monto wanted to become a president ofa country. Unfortunately he couldn't achieve this very quickly. So he focused to another job: professor at an university. Unfortunately this also wasn't possible.  
Then hoe decided to start his own country Montenera, and set his own university: the Montenera School of Edufiction. 
At the present, he regularly gives lessons in geofiction at many schools in the Netherlands, the country he was born. 

Jeroen  van den Berg

Jeroen van den Berg studying human geography at the University Utrecht in the Netherlands. He specialized in Geography and Education, and get a master degree in teaching geography. At the present, he is freelance teacher in geofiction and worldbuilding. He has experience with learning with geofiction in a school setting. Many schools use geofiction/worldbuilding for their projects in school. Often, they integrate different school subjects in such a project. Pupils learn to think interdisciplinary, creative and problem solving.

As voluntary job, Jeroen is at the present the chairman of the Dutch Geofiction Society.