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Government: federal republic
Area: ca. 100.000 km² (c.a. 2,5 x Netherlands)
Population: 15.768.543 inh. 
Desity 157 inh./km²
Capital: Lassano: ca. 2 miljoen inh.
Currency: Gudo (1 Gudo = 100 Ludo = € 0,80)
Lanquages: Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French en some other languages.
Common language is Mondespera, a vairiation of Esperanto.
Head of state: La prezidento Jeromo de la Monto (elected for life). He is also professor of Edufiction at the Montenera School of Geofiction

Main cities:
Lassano: 2.140.000 inh. 
Blaeupoort: 750:000 inh.
Novobão: 630.000 inh.
Dunnport: 280.000 inh.
Oviedente: 170.000 inh.
San-Marina: 120.000 inh.
Broderius: 110.000 inh.
Port-Westkaap: 105.000 inh.

Administrative divisions
The country Montenera exist of 4 states: the Dutch speaking Compania, the English spoken Woths, Portuguese Noviboa. 
The capital of Lassano is situated in the federal district. Here, a diversity of languages is spoken. The main language is Mondespera (kind of Esperanto).

States and their capitals:

Compania: 4 milion inh. (Capaital: Blaeupoort)
Montagniole: 3 milion inh. (Capital: Oviedente)
Novibon 3 milion inh. (hoofdstad: Novobao)
Woths (2,5 milion inh.) Hoofdstad: Dunnport
Federal district: 2,5 milion.


The flag is a combination of the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and English flags.  The stars represents the 3 states and the federal district.